Lola Rosy ❤️

Today marks my Lola Rosy's 50th day of passing so I created this zine using her old photos and the one I shoot with Joyce Andrade Oliva and Martin Rules. I always find my lola's style timeless so we used all her clothes and accessories with the permission of my tita Alda Andres-Ocarol and tito Cesario Camilo Amon Andres.
I also would want to create one for my Lola Elsa, but she wouldn't like it. She hates it when I take photos of her. She always say "sari-sari ako" and slaps my head. For me, that's her way of showing her love for me haha!
I am 100% Lola's boy on both my mother and father side. I know most of my family members are asking "but where were you during the burial?", well, I was there when they're still breathing. I was able to hold they're hands and whisper my words of love for them.
I'd like to remember how my Lola's live their lives and learn from it. I guess this is how we move on right?
Anyway, special thanks to Andres and Amon Family and also Kuya Khang for all the support. I hope you enjoy this little zine we made. 😘✌️❤️

I would also like to thank my model Joyce Marjorie Oliva for being always camera-ready haha! Here are the other photos I did. 


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