My takeaway from attending Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch

Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch

Life is how you make it, When one door closes, another one opens, these are some of the quotations I remember whenever I hear people talks about the alternatives; people who are up for change and willing to embrace the challenges for the greater good. In my recent trip to Batangas, we met with a community who already made their choice and shut down a global threat for their future generation.

Masaguitsit-Banalo High School

Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch
Students from Masaguitsit-Banalo High School during the Grand Launch of Kabuhayan Bakery
In 2015, Verde Island Passage (VIP) Lobo, Batangas was in the spotlight for having the worlds famous Shorefish Biodiversity endangered because of excessive mining. Due to lack of viable livelihood options, most residents surrounding the barangays opt for small-scale mining. 

Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch
Mangrove Forest Lobo, Batangas 2017
Small-scale mining as defined by the R.A. 7076, refers to the act of mining activities which rely heavily on manual labor. Although there are laws regarding its implementation, there's still no absolute assurance for the rehabilitation of damaged areas.

Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch
Principal III of MNHS Thelma Pascua, ALFKI-BK Program Director Johanna Jeraldine Santos and Goldilocks Marketing Manager Eloisa Lacap unveiling the Kabuhayan Bakery Bronze plate
In response to this, the Goldilocks foundation, in partnership with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.'s Bantay Kalikasan, and the Nutrition Center of the Philippines, recently launched a fully-functional Kabuhayan Bakery - built to provide alternative means of livelihood to the local populace and reduce their dependence on mining.

Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch

The bakery, located in Masaguitsit-Banalo High School, is the first of many planned for other locales around the VIP. It has already hired and trained locals, mostly students, to operate the bakery. Aside from baking, they are also given the knowledge in running the business from a managerial perspective.

Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch

As one of the program's partner, Honda Philippines donated a motorcycle so the bakery's products can be transported around the area. 

Goldilocks Marketing Manager Eloisa Lacap
According to Goldilocks Marketing Manager Eloisa Lacap, they are hoping that through the Kabuhayan Bakery project, lesser people around the VIP pursue other livelihood options. She also added that keeping the populace from mining will definitely help in the conservation of the area.

The school is currently producing roughly 500 pieces of bread in different variety per day, which they sell for 5 Pesos each. According to ALFKI-BK Program Director Johanna Jeraldine Santos, they are also planning to introduce bread out of native fruits like atis, tamarind, and kamias.

During the launch, we were given the opportunity to see and experience what the programs aim to preserve. We went touring Lobo's Mangrove Forest,

My takeaway from attending Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch

My takeaway from attending Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch
Mangrove Forest 

snorkell in the world's famous shorefish biodiversity,

and get our hand's dirty planting trees and harvesting veggies at this organic farm.

Goldilocks foundation also aims to expand this Kabuhayan Bakery Project not only in Batangas but all over the Philippines.

In this 2-day trip, I realized that we often look regretfully with missed opportunities and sulk with negativity, that we no longer see how limitless our chances are. Living in Manila may bring drought to our creativity and will to strive, but if we focus less on the negatives and start working our way up, maybe a bunch of opportunities awaits. Just like some of the people in Lobo, Batangas, shutting down small-scale mining left them penniless, but they took the challenge and it now opens new windows of opportunities for them to gain more.

My takeaway from attending Goldilocks Kabuhayan Bakery Grand Launch
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By the way, for more information about Goldilocks foundation initiatives, you may follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @GoldilocksPH, like their Facebook Page or visit If you are from Lobo, Batangas and is interested in the Kabuhayan Bakery products, you may contact 0926770471.

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