READ: My dog just bit me

Cali after grooming
A few weeks ago, I adopted a dog named Cali. He obviously has fear aggression due to the fact that he has never been socialized for almost 2 years. Today he bit me. I was broken hearted because, for all I know, we're already ok. Before the incident, we were already playing. I was able to walk him to the vet for check up and grooming and carry him back home. I even prepared him a bed. While giving him a goodnight touch, he suddenly bit me. I gazed upon his eyes as I hold my hands up high. I saw fear and loneliness. I don't know what is going on in his mind, but I can really feel his pain. I cry every time I remember. I wanted to hate who ever did him wrong but what's the point? 

I know Cali was born to be sold. He never gets the love he deserves from his previous family. Growing up he never realized his purpose because he was chained all day and doesn't get enough time to socialize. When I adopted Cali, I know it'll be a long and hard journey. Giving him treats, playing with him, walking him around the house compound doesn't work instantly. There are moments where he just started to growl and bark at me for no reason. 

According to PAWS, it is not responsible to abandon dogs because of their behavior, yet here in the Philippines, there are still a huge amount of stray dogs that are up for adoption. Some are even euthanized because of the lack of facilities or because of their aggressiveness. 

There are already too many people who refused to adopt Cali due to his behavior so I decided to say yes. I know what it feels to be rejected and I can't endure it, knowing that someone as cute as him feels the same. I adopted Cali because no one wants to, not because no one cannot. 

Tomorrow, I'll go to the clinic to get antirabies and anti-tetanus shots. I will not give up on Cali so those who have thoughts of sending away their pets. If you can't handle a single bite, DO NOT BUY OR ADOPT ANY KIND OF ANIMALS YOU CAN THINK OF!  

Dogs (and other pets) are supposed to be part of the family and not just an accessory for your filthy little show of wealth. We are the one responsible for shaping their purpose. God knows he can't be physically with us so he gave us dogs. He gave us dogs to show us what unconditional love means and I don't think we deserve it. 


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