13 Extra-Ordinary Reasons Why You Need to Watch PAMILYA ORDINARYO

1. It makes us see how we are all just struggling to get through our own sets of challenges. Such as how can I show my partner every day how much I love him/her.

2. It makes us realize how big a responsibility it is to bring a child into this world.

3. It makes us aware that each of us is different and yet, are so similar in many ways.

4. It makes us see people like Jane and Aries as human beings, not as statistics.

5. It makes us more conscious of our biases.

6. It reminds us to stay humble and grateful for the roof over our heads, the education we are getting and for all the little things we take for granted (like having access to tissue paper, ganern..)

7. It is a tool for Teachers of all stripes to use in their classrooms.

8. It can help both NGO and Government workers to better understand the people they are trying to serve.

9. It makes us appreciate how love and affection can be expressed in so many different ways (such as but not limited to PDAs, shoplifting and 5-minute quickies, tsk!).

10. If you are an aspiring filmmaker, it makes you see a new way of depicting a familiar milieu in a different way. The film milieu is the 3rd character so you better get it right.

11. It makes us feel uncomfortable. And there is value in learning to be comfortable in being uncomfortable.

12. It makes us see that our social institutions still have a lot of growing up to do.

13. It's much more realistic and better than the hit series 13 reasons why. BOOM!

And hopefully, it makes you want to go out there and do a film as well. Or do something creative or outrageous. Something A(hh)-MAZE- ing so that you can contribute something.

PAMILYA ORDINARYO, written and directed by Eduardo Roy Jr. won several awards both here and abroad. It also got nine (9) nominations from the Gawad Urian. It will be shown in 8 SM Cinemas this July 7-13 as part of the Cine Lokal program of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).


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