An open letter to the lady who's not interested in our love story

3/31/2017 Japhet 0 Comments

We're not interested in your love story, that's what the lady beside me was mumbling as she scrolls through her facebook timeline. It seems that her feed was bombarded with Valentine's day content and she can't do anything about it. "Siguro single to" I was judging her in my mind as she continues to utter words of hate.

I decided to peek on to what she's specifically looking at and to my surprise, it was 2 girls holding hands. I think the pictures says they're about to get married. The lady showed it to her friends with disgust on her face. It's like as if she was showing them something gory. Anong problema ni ate? I don't understand where her hate is coming from.

Nowadays, I don't easily get people. Most of us prefer seeing violence than people kissing, hugging, and making love. I am not against gory stuff on the media. In fact, I like it just how I like seeing romantic moments that doesn't require gender. I don't understand censorship to scenes where a man is seemingly in love with another man. To me, it's something genuine. I believe in love that knows no boundaries. The one that knows no gender, age, or race. Love has no labels! Something that we should have taught the younger generations so, in times where they encounter couples of the same gender, they won't act up like that lady who sat beside me.

I wanted to stop them as they walked out the MRT station, but I've lost my strength. I wish I could've told her why there are stories like these on her online feed. I wish I told her that it is because we are no longer interested in love stories like hers, kaso baka bigla akong sabihan ni ate, "Anong problema mo?"


Blogging Rants Atsutsutsu

3/31/2017 Japhet 0 Comments

It's been a while since I last posted here on my blog. Hindi pala, halos ilang buwan na rin so medyo matagal na talaga litsi. Feeling ko kasi lately kinakain na ako ng sistema. You know, a system where I long for brand recognition, events, circle of friends, I'm not sure if you get it, pero yun na yun. I wanted to be different pero I started acting like everybody else. I dare to be kaladkarin just to see the world, but I got lost. I forgot how to deal with myself because I started caring about what other people would think of me. I got conscious of my actions and limit my abilities to express. 

This blog is supposed to be a challenge for self-actualization, but I'm not sure where I am now. I named it after myself so it'll be more personal, but I don't know what happened. 

Hopefully, this realization would help me continue, thus I am documenting it. My goal is to Vlog daily on my youtube channel and avoid making this blog an output for brand advertisements. A blog should be something I experienced first hand. It should carry unbiased opinions on things life offers me. It's 2017, change must come. If someone wants to mess with me then I should let them know that I'm the mother fucking mess. And if they can't deal with it, then I've no time for them.

Hello, 2017! I guess my year has just begun.