Book and Borders Opens Its New Branch In Eastwood City Mall

11/26/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

Book and Borders Opens In Eastwood City Mall

The last time I visited Book and Borders was when I was distraught of the city and just wanted to get out. Since I've no capacity and time to do it instantly, I went to Book and Borders in Tuscany Mckinley, grabbed a book and immersed myself to a place far far far away. That's what Book and Borders concept can do. It can bring you to places you've never been by reading a book in a tranquil place. Mixed with comforting food as a reality break, what else can I ask for? Another branch I guess? I hope somewhere messy, where people like me can appreciate it the most. And yes they did. 

Today, November 26, 2016, they just opened another branch in Eastwood City. I used to work here as a web designer for a small BPO. I am part of a consumer rat race where I needed a daily escape from reality. This kind of place is a must here.

I hope they can put up an every Friday program where aspiring writers and performers can present their works. Not on a daily basis, as they may interrupt readers who're there because they needed a quiet space, but I still hope they do. Lalala!

If you want to try Book and Borders Cafe in Eastwood, it is located on the ground floor of Olympic Heights Condominium. For more information, you may contact 0932 871 5560 and 02 584 2465 or you may follow their Instagram account @bookandborderscafe.