It's very seldom for me to visit a salon with friendly hair stylists. It's either I spend too much with a high-end salon or just go to a regular barbershop and regret that decision afterward. I don't usually get the style I want. My frustration leads me to not wanting a haircut. I started loving my long messy hair or what I call after sex look. LOL! I don't look like the common "gwapo" (common gwapo = gwapong commoner) guy so I always experience rejection from stylists. Oo na! Pangit na! Alam mo yung pagtuturuan nila kung sino mag-gugupit sayo like as if you are not a paying customer. It's demoralizing and you can't do anything about it unless you're a big spender. Argh!

with my co-blogger Nicole ( and stylist Paulo
My experiences made me doubt visiting Hairfix 2911 Salon and Spa at Chino Roces Avenue in Makati. What made me really decide to push through are my friends who are also there for their own procedure. Hairfix 2911 is a family owned business that offers Salon services for nails, hair and even makeup. It's a 2-floor space that is pretty neat and comfy. Their hair stylists are not intimidating. They all seem to be welcoming and will never say anything behind your back. 
My stylist's name is Paulo. According to him, all stylists from Hairfix are well trained prior to handling customers. They are indeed. During my hair bleaching process, I never felt any stingy pain like what I am supposed to feel according to some friends.

He bleached my hair for about 45 minutes until it turns yellow. Coloring it took 20 to 30 minutes (including my eyebrows) , but it really didn't feel like it was as I am enjoying everyone's company. 

I definitely loved the result. I looked like a new me. Hairfix 2911 changed the way I feel about salon stylists and procedure. I never felt threatened with how Paulo handled my hair. For that I am grateful. 

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