My take on UNO Black Premier Coffee with Stevia

9/30/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

I have been battling with deadlines these past few days. Staying awake is a must! Alam mo yung zombie mode? Ganern! I have tried different coffees and so far this one I think is something that I'll stick to for a long time. I understand you've different thoughts about this post since UNO is a multi-level  marketing company. Pero please, I need you to be "open-minded" on this one. I will not encourage you to join kasi hindi rin naman ako member. It's just that I think this product is a must try since it offers an alternative to sugar and that is why I am reviewing it.

When I say the alternative to sugar I mean alternative! Haha! It's no sugar cane, it's "Stevia". You know this herb plant that is said to be 3000x sweeter than sugar? Yes! It's true! I have one in my garden and I'm propagating it because I just loved it. And to think that this is what most people who have diabetes use to ease their cravings for sweets makes me want it more. Good thing brands nowadays are starting to use stevia as an alternative to sugar.

Going back to the coffee, I love the intensity of its sweetness that lingers on my palate with an unsettling strong taste at the end of every sip. It's not like the common 3 in 1 pack we used to buy in a sachet. This one is the definition of black coffee. Orrrggggaaaannniiiccc! so you don't have to panic.

I almost forgot, according to its label, this premier black coffee is 8 in 1. Hell yeah, you've read that right. Aside from stevia, it includes the following:

Agaricus Blazei Murill - It's an edible mushroom containing low calories but high nutrient density.
Marine Collagen - ui nakabasa siya ng collagen hahaha alam mo na?
Maca Root - for energy and stamina
Gingko Biloba - for memory boost, concentration, and other mental faculties --- I BADLY NEED THIS!
DHA - for good vision and coping from stress
Guyabano - who doesn't know this?
Calcium Lactate - for utilization of Vitamin D, dai!

Smart choice huh? They also have this Prime Juice is made sweeter by my now favorite herb Stevia!

If you want to try this product, you can always visit UNO Office at Bldg B 2nd Floor of Bonifacio Global City Taguig or check out their facebook fan page at