The curse I put to Nova snack + FREE CLASSES!!!

6/25/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

Our eldest sister is the laziest person I know. She used to make me buy her midnight snack whenever she feels like she wants it. And since I’m the youngest, I’ve no choice but to obey her orders. Her usual favorites are Piattos and Cali - cheesy chips mixed with teenage beer.  She then started to become concerned about her health and figure (I guess), that’s why she switched to Nova. During our time, the only flavor available is the one with cheese. I hate that snack ever since. The letter V (her name starts with V) in the Nova reminds me of her authoritativeness. I swear I'll never lay it on my tongue. You can imagine me buying this snack and holding it away from my body until it reaches my sister’s hands. Years later when I was in college, Nova becomes my favorite “tsitsirya”. It just happened that I need to consider eating healthy snacks back then because I’m living a very active life. When I say active, it means non-stop work and study – student in the morning, rehearsals at night, call center agent late night and early morning. It’s like I’m not allowed to get sick so a change of lifestyle is a must. Slowly then I forgot about the curse I put in this snack.

Come 2016, Nova is still the fiber-rich multigrain snack I know but this time; they have upgraded it with flavors like JalapeƱo and Barbeque. Along with this, Jack ‘n Jill Nova kick start a 6 month long series of fun and interactive fitness classes for different lifestyles. Starting July until December this year, they will be providing a free program for Hip-hop Dancing, Skateboarding, Wall Climbing, Frisbee, and Boxing, with each class to be taught by industry pros.

Interested participants can simply join Nova’s facebook promos, pre-register by participating in their partner venues or just walk-in during classes with a couple of packs of Nova.
It’s free you’ll lose nothing!

Have you ever consider putting a curse to any kinds of food? I bet no. But if you do, share your thoughts by commenting down below.