My Medsonix Pain Free Therapy Experience

5/13/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

Yesterday, I got to try the first Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy in the Philippines. It is a therapy system which integrates a medical device that uses low-frequency sound waves proven to increase blood flow and mobility, reduce inflammation, pain and relieve symptoms of many diseases and disorders.

We were told to sit in a room that can accommodate four individuals. They then turn on the Medsonix Therapy System (MTS) that produces a very irritating yet tolerable sound. According to our facilitator, the device is connected to the center table containing water solution that emits patented low-frequency sound waves at specified cycle rates. Through this, electrical energy is converted into acoustic energy (low-frequency acoustic waveform) which pervade the body, causing natural healing process to take place. 

The procedure was 30 minutes long. If you can't bear the sound produced by MTS, you can use the provided headset device and listen to some relaxing music. You can also chat with the person beside you going to the same therapy, well, that is if they want to. Lol! 

What I like about this therapeutic procedure is, it's non-invasive. No needles, straps, or whatever things that cause hospital nightmares. You know what I mean. It can be irritating at first, even got goosebumps for the first 3 minutes, but you'll soon be relieved and get used to it. 

Every patient who undergoes extreme or even mild operations must try this. For stressed millennials whose fed up of their everyday lives facing their computer monitors and needs to escape digital dementia, this is a sure relief.

If you want to try this pain-free acoustic resonating therapy, you may contact Clinica Manila at SM Megamall 730-3237/0947-5951524 or email at