I'm drooling for that new ASUS Zenbook

5/28/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

Hey, guys! How are you doing today? I just want to share with you where I have been to last week and why I am so into this new Zenbook from ASUS. Well, I got invited to attended a workshop facilitated by Victor Basa. You know the celebrity blogger who's into fashion and tech, yeah he's that guy. He discussed fashion blogging and how ASUS gadgets help him be creative and productive as it adapts to his lifestyle in many ways.
For me, as an avid ASUS user, seeing the zenbook personally and carrying it in my arms makes me drool and want to take it home immediately. For one reason, it looks and feels like a MacBook. You guys should know from now that I am really yearning to own a Macbook ever since I was in college. I love how thin, light and stylish this new zenbook. I haven't really tested it based on my needs since I don't have one yet, but 8 GB ram sounds pretty promising.

If you want to see more specifications, you may visit http://goo.gl/NPr6yM