Happy Mother's Day from Saboten | Oyster Set for 2 | Summer Parfait

Happy Mother's Day from Saboten

Mother's day is just around the corner and there's no other way to celebrate genuine love than a genuine treat. 

A few weeks back I've tried Saboten Philippines Mothers Day Offering, Oyster Set for two and just had my cravings fully satisfied. Add with their mouth melting Parfaits and Macha Ice Cream, I was in heaven for like an hour or two.

Saboten is a Japanese restaurant located in Glorietta 4. I believe they also have it in Serendra BGC but I haven't been there yet. The ambiance is perfect for people who wants to chill and enjoy their meal. It's so Japanese that even the staff bow down and greets you in Japs which, this will sound funny, makes me feel like a king. Bwahaha! I really love how gentle they serve everything for you. It will make you further appreciate the interiors and of course, the food.

Saboten: Oyster Set for 2

The Oyster set for two is a good choice for those who loves tonkatsu meals. It's deep fried, not greasy and the inside was crafted to perfection. The oyster is must mention for this treat. It's so fresh you can taste the flavor of the ocean with every bite. Its juiciness is overwhelming and is excellent for the Gakkeikan Sake - Japs wine. I love how they served and cut the cabbage and the miso soup is addictive. I haven't got the name of the chef but he/she must be highly commended for our meal. 

chocolate Parfait

The chocolate Parfait is to die for this summer. It has this almost gooey texture that I love with most desserts. Their Macha ice cream is perfect for all macha lovers. Its creaminess is something that will make you hold on to until it melts.

My over-all dining experience with Saboten is something that I look forward in the future. It will surely make everyone experience genuine food and service - the kind that every mother deserve this coming May 8.

If you want to know more about Saboten Philippines, you may visit their facebook fan page HERE.

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