Crispy Palabok Simplé Lang - A Must Try

In my search for something different, I bumped into this restaurant in Ayala Triangle named Simplé lang. It is a kind of restaurant that offers common and simplified or should I say twisted Filipino recipes that are not only good for the pocket but also for your tummy.

The interior looks like a small Filipino canteen with writings on the walls that you can never fail to notice. They have catchy and humorous phrases all around even on their menu, which makes an entertaining experience. 

For all the food we have during that day, there's only one that I really can't get over with. It's the Crispy Palabok topped with shrimp, bagnet, tinapa, salted egg and whatever heavenly things they put there. It's so delicious I am dying for more. Lol! Kidding aside, crispy palabok is something new to me. I am used to the common palabok noodles so basically, the crunchy noodles texture is something that automatically wins my heart. Plus, the battling taste of sweet and salty inside my mouth made me say, "this is the something different I am looking for". It is definitely, 100% must try and you should never miss this if ever you visit Ayala triangle in Makati. 

While writing this, I suddenly remember the taste of Palabok I used to buy when I was a child. But the cook is already dead and his family failed to continue his genius Palabok recipe. Hindi kaya malayong kamag-anak ni Chef yun? Char lang. Moving on...

Aside from Crispy Palabok, Simplé lang offers a variety of dishes that surprisingly customizable to your preferred taste. Our friend tried mixing his crispy palabok and lumpiang sariwa with chili sauce and made something savory for spicy food fanatics. 

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