Chelsea Kitchen's Mushroom Chicharon, Pour-over Coffee, and Kitchen Scramble Review

Hello, guys! It's been a while since I posted here on my blog. I've been very busy editing videos for my youtube channel and some other side jobs. The summer season is officially over as DOST has just announced that thunderstorms are coming. Thus, I decided to end the season with a nice foodie trip.

Last week we headed to SM Megamall to try out Chelsea Kitchen and made our own mirienda package. You know we just invented the package right? And there's no such thing in their, we're good.

Chelsea Kitchen is an open restaurant inside SM Megamall. They offer fancy meals that are a sure treat for every food lovers out there. My personal favorite out of all the items we ordered is the mouth melting Mushroom Chicharon, the awesome pour-over coffee, and the Kitchen Scramble that just upgraded my childhood memories. LOL! A mixture of hot and cold treats like this weather. ARGH!

Let's start this trip with the Mushroom Chicharon. At first glance, I was a bit disappointed. I'm a fan of Ping Gu Mushrooms so I can't help but compare their looks. The real difference comes with the texture. This Mushroom Chicharon has this crispiness that easily vanishes inside your mouth. I love that it's not a pain in the mouth when you're eating it. 

The Pour-over coffee is one thing that I'll look forward to the next time I visit Chelsea Kitchen. This thing that keeps me caffeinated the whole time has something to offer for non-coffee lovers out there. Not too strong, not too sweet, it's up to you really on how you would want to customize your drink. Aside from the usual aroma, it's really the smooth taste of this coffee that made me love it. It's funny, but I mixed the side choc nut to my coffee just to experiment and it tastes good! Haha!

To end our mirienda, they served us the famous Kitchen Scramble. You know the ice scramble you used to buy outside your school when we were young? That's it, but this one is upgraded to the maximum level. It's like a death squad of everything sweet from your childhood memory. From wafer sticks to gummy bears,  the kitchen scramble is a memorabilia meal that everybody can relate to. 

Aside from this we also tried Truffled gravy fresh cut fries (a new slice to your common french fries), Chili lime chicken and chorizo nachos, Teddy bears Iced latte and some other refreshments. 

If you want to know more about Chelsea Kitchen and their fancy meals you may visit their facebook fan page here:



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