Buku Buku Kafe: Down South New Indie Haven

We millennials keep on finding places to stage our abilities. To whatever platform, we exercise our creative freedom. That is why it is very amusing that many establishments nowadays are becoming more and more versatile to our generation. Down south, I discovered a new haven. They call it the Buku Buku Kafe.

The Buku Buku Kafe,  is a concept restaurant located on the ground floor of The District mall in daang hari Imus Cavite. Buku-Buku is a Bahasa term for many,many books. According to the creative owners, the concept was inspired by their travels across Asia, Europe, and America. 

I like how the place can be very interactive. They have a reading corner for bookworms and a spot where you can play board games. Yey! I am looking forward to the Sungka bench and hopefully a tournament. Haha! The whole place is very appealing to the eye and not intimidating. It felt like I was a child again. I want to jump from corner to corner of that place to explore. They have collector item komiks that are not pretty usual to mainstream bookstores.

It's pretty much an experimental box for people who wants to move things and set up for their arts. It's a nice place for a band performance, film screening, poetry reading, or even if you're just shooting a creative Instagram photo. The restaurant also comes with a bar and an outdoor space for performances or works that cannot be accommodated indoors. Yes! A bar, meaning they serve alcoholic drinks. Congrats! 

The food is another thing for this concept restaurant. They serve fresh, killer salad that everyone must try. I love how they combined green mango with basil and raisins with basil, or I guess I just love everything they serve with basil. Lol! 

Kidding aside, another favorite that you should try when you pay a visit is their Beef Brisket Tapa. It is so soft and juicy, sweet and can be spicy and the aroma... oooh how do I describe something that is beyond words? I have these thoughts that inside their kitchen is a big hidden herbal garden where they pick the herbs, wash it with divine water and put on our meal. That's how crunchy fresh their herbs are. 

Buku Buku Kafe is a sure haven for ingenious brains from the south. Anyone can be inspired and get creative with this kind of place. The owners are very open and supportive to artistic ideas so there's no way you can't find your thing on board.  Here's a piece of advice, stop reading this post, get creative, and be there! You're welcome!


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