What went wrong with our Hide & Seek Breakout PH experience


When I think of that room, I always think of my enemies head. I picture cracking their lovely skull, unspooling their brain. Trying to get answers.

What are you thinking? What have we done to each other? (Gone Girl)

I am feeling so melodramatic for reminiscing every corner of that effin escape room. I still cannot believe that we didn't succeed. I badly want redemption! I need to get back! I guess this is what every people feels after failing that game.

Breakout Philippines is so exciting and scary it may not allow your brains to work properly, or maybe it's just us? Oh no! We know what we are doing, it's that freaking padlock! Lol! The game goes like this, they'll lock you in for 45 minutes and you'll need to solve some puzzles to breakout. Sounds simple? Think again. They've added tons of surprises and elements that seems to be, I don't know, not friendly? Well, it adds to that remarkable experience.

"Hide and Seek" is the newest addition to Breakout Philippines escape rooms. Unlike other rooms where the main objective is to break out, the Hide and Seek will surely test your bravery by surviving its interactive horrifying treats. There are even claims of paranormal experience since Hide and Seek room is the same exact room Breakout Philippines shut down a year ago because of some unexplained sightings. Watch my video below:

You may play this one of a kind horror-themed room by Visiting their Paragon Building branch in Mandaluyong city.


Special Rates for Weekdays:
 Price is only P300 per person

Normal Rates for Weekends:
Price is only P600 per person -- for 1-2 persons

Price is only P500 per person -- for 3-4 persons

Price is only P400 per person -- for 5 or more persons

They also have another branch in Katipunan that you can visit if you're far from Mandaluyong. If you want to see all escape rooms breakout Philippines can offer, you may check out their website: http://www.breakout.com.ph/



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