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This is supposed to be a new episode of "Kabaro Mo". Unfortunately, all my videos from SJCAM5000+ was corrupted for no known reason. I tried my best to recover everything, but it's hopeless! So let's all have a moment of silence for my loss. Ok, thank you, back to regular programming, what is wrong with you human?! 

ADHD Alert! Let me tell you something first.

Puting Buhangin/Kwebang lampas is somewhere in Pagbilao Quezon. It lis near the famous beach of Borawan and Bilaran Sand Bar. We went  there to celebrate my Kabaro's birthday and of course inhale the refreshing scent of summer. Originally, our plan is to stay in borawan, but according to our guide, the place is already full for people who wants to stay overnight and it would also be hard for as to swim during the day because there are many lurking jellyfish in the area. Since we're there to plunge and enjoy the water, we decided to take the alternative which is Kwebang Lampas. I've read blogs about kwebang lampas before and saw how beautiful it was on photos, but got really disappointed with what I've witnessed.

Before I burst into madness, let me first remind everyone that this post will never contain itineraries and instructions on how to get to the location, nor tricks and tips to make your travel easier. This post somehow hopes to change your views when traveling. Why? Because I am annoyed by the fact that we travel for the benefit of ourselves and care less about the impact we made with our traces being left behind. We enjoy the fruits of nature's labor, but never know how to give back. 

The following are suggestions you may want to think about before saying "Sama ako" the next time you visit such place.

Nope! Hindi iyan evacuation area. Campsite yan ng Kwebang Lampas
Have a purpose. Do not travel for the sake of  traveling. Go to places and engage with the locals, learn their culture or maybe think of any ideas and things that you want to do with your fuck up life. This is the time that you disengage yourself from the norms and be with our nature. Be there with a purpose that is not only for yourself but for everyone. If you haven't found it yet, then travel to find your purpose damn it!

I believe that we travel to make ourselves better, to discover things that are new to us or to simply learn and get out of our comfort zone. That's why I can't bear to see and  understand those people camping with almost all their appliances, like as if the beach is where they are going to build their next home. Ok, I envy them because they have everything, kulang na lang refrigerator, but heck no! You're there to appreciate God's creation or atleast bond with your family and friends, not to fucking look for cell signals or bake a 3 layer cake! Kaya nga GET-OUT-OF-YOUR-COMFORT-ZONE eh hah? Besides, you may find your inner confidence by dealing with unexpected situations kaya utang na loob! 

The beach is not a bar you can get drunk with and leave your bottles and cigarette butts anywhere when you're tipsy. As you camp out the/near shore, you better make sure you have a fucking bin to put your trash and carry it pag alis ninyo. If wala, keep your garbage inside your tent. The ocean is not a fucking janitor to clean up your residue! It is also not your bathroom where you can leave your pantyliner or shampoo sachet! Kuha mo? 

There's no excuse sa kababuyang iyan and hindi ko talaga matanggap na many still do it.

The beach is full of hot people with gorgeous mouthwatering body structure. Thus, you must enjoy the view. Wala lang gusto ko lang sabihin. LOL!

This one is grave! Hindi ko alam kung pinag-kaitan ka ba ng papel or pisara nung kabataan mo, but why the heck do you need to vandal on cave walls or trees? Aliens won't notice your existence there. 

High tech na sila ! 

Besides hindi rin sila for sure interesado i-decode ang mga sinulat mong "Marileyn labs Jironimo". So hindi ko maintindihan kung saan nanggagaling ang inspiration mo para gawin iyon. If you feel like you're a banksy for doing such, lumayo ka sa akin baka mabigwasan kita.

Experiences in travelling have a long term effect on everyone, kaya naman sana, we all be an advocate for protecting places we borrowed from nature. Kasi baka dumating ang time, there's no more place to travel. :(



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