My take on Museum Cafe / Kabila's Ultimate Avocado Crush and Halo-Halo Special


I remember that afternoon, that extreme heat from the sun starting to drain my drive and creative juices. I feel like I want to stay inside my bathroom, underwater, and care no more about the outside world. Good thing I was invited by my friend to try Museum Cafe's summer treats. It felt like heaven, like as if a ray of light suddenly appears in front of my eyes. I thought, a change of environment and a taste  of crushed ice would keep me going so I said yes. 

Museum Cafe / Kabila is a gem of Greenbelt park. It deserves to line up along with the Ayala Museum because everything in its interiors is well done. I even thought it was part of the museum because of its design. But no, it just happens to look really artsy and nice. Indeed, a good place to chill in and dine. Check out my Vlog below:

Theys served us the Ultimate Avocado Crush and Halo-Halo. The Ultimate Avocado Crush was an immediate eye candy for me. It looks so refreshing and  tasty which indeed, it is. The pudding melts in my mouth to perfection. <I hope that sounds good. LOL> But no joke, it was the best pudding I've tasted so far. The Nata de coco is lusciously good to bite and everything about this Avocado Crush is what I need this summer. The strong flavor of Avocado mixed with milk and vanilla makes me want more. On the other hand, I was looking for more colors with their Halo-halo but nevertheless, it has the sensation I was looking for. It's not too sweet and the gulaman doesn't feel rubbery.


I love how food brings back memories. And these two summer treats from Museum Cafe / Kabila just brought me back to my childhood days, where we used to make our own avocado shakes and halo-halo. It has this home made feel that completely makes you enjoy your stay.

If you want to try it out, you may visit the following URL's: 


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