My MX4D Experience at Vista Cinemas Evia Lifestyle Center

Ok, Y'all know how 4D cinema works so I'm not going to the details. All I can say is that MX4D is a must try for anyone who wants thrill watching movies. Why? Because aside from the usual 3D glasses, moving chairs, and air blast, MX4D will make you feel the punches, the rocky roads, the tickling and even the scent of explosions like as if you're really there.

The only thing that is not precise for me with all 4D cinemas I've tried is the change of temperature. Like for example, you're seeing a hot dessert scene, but you're feeling cold because of the wind they're ejecting from the chairs.  That doesn't feel right.

I've watched Batman VS Superman twice. At first, I didn't really like it because of its lame plot, but after watching it in MX4D, I can say it's entertaining. It's worth the money you've paid for even if you don't like the story. LOL!

The Cinema 2 VIP Seats has 62 top of the line Luxus chairs.

You may visit the country's first MX4D Motion EFX Theater at Vista Cinemas - EVIA Lifestyle Center in Daang Hari Road. They have 4 (four) cinemas that feature Dolby atmos and Luxus chairs available only in select locations around the world.

The ticket for MX4D usually ranges from 400 to 500 Pesos.

Enjoy the movies!



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