Ma-Pamintang Manok Recipe

4/30/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

It's been a while since I last eat chicken. The reason being is that animal cruelty video I watched online. So this time, I made sure to know how the chicken was prepared before I serve it as a meal. To be honest, I was inspired to cook because of Panlasang Pinoy. hehe. So here's my Ma-Pamintang Manok or should say Pinamintahang Manok recipe.


- 1/2 kilo chicken, sa totoo lang, ikaw naman ang masusunod eh
- Pepper, as many as you can LOL!
- a clove of Ginger
-  Rosemary
- Pineapple extract
- Pineapples
- Oyster sauce


- Mix the pineapple extract with pepper, diced ginger, rosemary, and oyster sauce 
- Use it to marinate the chicken for one hour
-  After an hour, heat the pan (non-stick) and place the chicken parts. Set aside the marinade. Do not put oil.
- Add few more pepper to the chicken and leave it in till it's golden brown
- Add more pepper and mix in the marinade
- Boil it till it's well blended with the chicken
- add pineapples and more pepper

You're good to go!