Dive and Trek Resort Bauan Batangas Experience

I just got back home from Pagbilao Quezon when my mom called me 4 in the morning. She wants us to join her and my titos bonding. There you go, I think this is what really being on-the-go means. But I enjoyed the trip really. Dive and Trek resort is new to me even if it has been in Bauan Batangas for long. Feeding some fish at the shore is amazing. I wonder if I push through with diving, I bet it is a different world down there. The food served during our lunch was genuinely delicious. I can't think of anything bad about this resort. Maybe I can only suggest to put on some signages for divers and those who'll go snorkelling to never step on some corals. Because I've seen some foreigners doing that. As people who appreciate the ocean, they should know. 

Shot using Samsung Note 5 and SJCAM5000+

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