3/05/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

My blog is not that bad, well it's bad that I have to warn you about it, or maybe I'm just creating things so you have something to read about because you clicked the about button. Ssshhhssshhh..

1. I don't care! If you don't feel it then don't. I don't want you in my life anyway. I'm sick of listening to your pretentious shits. <wow>

2. I have lots of grammar issues because english hates me. Tagalog too. I have no language.

3. Math hates me too and I'm fine with that. Our relationship is an on-off situation ever since we've met, but I'm always trying. Hard!

4. I love talking to myself. I have another me in me. Creepy? Naaaahhh I know you have one too, they're just hiding because they don't like you! <end of topic>

5. I am a good person..., to plants and animals.