PMAP (The People Management Association of the Philippines) 2016 Presidential Mock Election Results

3/31/2016 Japhet 0 Comments

Yesterday, I had the chance to participate in a presidential mock election conducted by PMAP - the premier organization of people managers and HR practitioners in the country. The mock election goal is to determine the competencies that people should look for, from  certain candidates before casting their votes. The organization believes that just like in the world of human resources, we Filipinos should not just select the best person based on what is written in their resumes, but rather,we also need to look into their competencies. 

In a research conducted by PMAP and one of its member companies SGV-Development Dimensions International, they have identified five presidential competencies required for a job of the Philippine president that may also apply to other positions like vice president, senator, and governors. 

1. Navigator - This role becomes important because the president normally makes the final decision in terms of the initiation of government policies. Because of this, the president really needs to have a firm understanding of the complex issues in the Philippines and provide a clear vision of where to go and how to go there.

2. Mobilizer - He must be able to get the support of various interest groups to get key initiatives implemented. He works well with other people – his cabinet, different political parties, NGOs, and other interest groups. He should also be able to attract the best people to work for the government. 

3. Servant Leader - A servant leader strives to serve the interests of the Filipino people rather than his own personal interests. He does his best to reach out to all sectors. He values humility and integrity. Aside from this, he has good work ethics and strives to learn continuously despite holding the highest position in the Philippine Government.

4. Inspiring Leader - An inspiring leader can build unity, trust and optimism among the people instead of making them cynical about the country or their leader.

5. Guardian of National Wealth, Patrimony, and Law and Order - He upholds the law in all his doings and sets a good example for all the other government officials. He also should not tolerate graft and corruption in the government and displays courage in making unpopular decisions as long as they are for the common good.

Based on these competencies, here are the results of the mock election. 

With a total of  36 votes, Duterte wins! I just don't understand why Roxas place 2nd. Duh!

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