When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

While writing this blog, I remember this quote from the 1990 movie The Freshman, "There's a kind of freedom in being completely screwed... because you know things can't get any worse." Yeah! How can things get any worse now that we've almost got into fight with a bus conductor, almost got lost in Butterworth Penang, and almost spent Christmas in the streets of Malaysia. 

Nevermind, we still had fun!

Ryokan Muntri Boutique

We spent our Christmas inside the lobby of Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel in Georgetown Penang. My sister misunderstood the booking details which leaves us no room and a place to stay. Since it's holiday and most of the hotels are fully booked, the manager of Ryokan offered us their lobby. She said we can stay there until we can find any available rooms around the area. Come morning and still no success, they said we can use their comfort room to change and get some hot shower. 

Besides their good location, creative vibes, and being a perfect hostel for backpackers because of their cheap offers and convenient place, Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel is also packed of good hospitable staff that undeniably makes them a must stayed in place in Penang.    

Upside Down Museum

For RM200, we're able to get a very nice taxi driver named Shah, who served us our tour guide for our limited stay in Penang. Andami na kasi naming nasayang na oras. Blurh!

When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

There are lots of must see places in Penang, but we chose the one's that we can squeezed in to our budgeted time. We have to catch our van schedule to Thailand. 

Our first stop is the Upside Down museum. It's a 2 floor museum where literally everything is upside down from ticket booth to its interior. 


When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

The museum is very interactive and they have staff on every corner who can take your photos. However, they're not as hospitable as those on the front door. They're like, "ok, I'll take your photo, NOW MOVE!". LOL! It leaves us, hey we paid here as well, let us enjoy our tour ok? The ticket is around RM20-30 for International tourist. It's somehow worth it, but I'm still hoping they improve customer service.

The Ghost Museum

We're supposed to see Ghost Museum which is just nearby the area, but we opt not to. If you're not in a hurry, this maybe a nice place to look at.

They've got interesting information about ghosts around the world so if you're the kind of person, you may want to try.

Chocolates, Coffee, Tea and more!

Since we only have limited time to roam around Georgetown, we all decided to buy some goodies. We visited their Chocolate paradise where all sorts of chocolates are available. They have free taste inside but nope you can't take photos. I also wondered why so please don't ask. This is where for the first time in my life I tasted the most delicious spicy as hell chocolate!


We also visited their Batik shops where most of their hand made products are sold.

Ahhhh uhmmm yeah!

My favorite stop is their tea and coffee shop. You'll get to smell and taste their best flavors here.

When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

When In Penang Malaysia Day 5

Before we headed to Botanical garden, we stopped by their souvenir shop where taking photos is still not allowed. Seriously?

When In Penang Malaysia Day 5


According to my mom's officemate, there's an energy transfer that occurs when you hug old giant trees. He said it is good for the heart and soul. I never believe him before until I tried it. I can't describe the feeling, but it is really refreshing. It's like finding a strong wifi signal in the most boring place on earth. Hahahaha! You get that feeling right?

To cut this short, we went to Penang botanical gardens to hug some trees.

If hugging trees is not your thing, then just enjoy and appreciate this place by breathing the fresh air it provides. Remember, fresh air is not free in China. 

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