One Night Only Hat Yai, Thailand Day 1


There are different ways of crossing the border. We chose to cross it by land. Yeah! We took a van from Butterworth, Penang Malaysia to Hat Yai, Thailand. Our plan is to stay in Hat Yai for a day and travel to Krabi so we can enjoy some of their beaches.  

Crossing the border

Let this video do the reading

From Malaysia, it took us 5 hours to reach Thailand - 3 hours from our pick up point in Butterworth Penang, Malaysia to the border and 2 hours from border to Hat Yai, Thailand. According to some drivers we spoke with, 5 hours is the earliest. Sometimes it may take to a maximum of 9 or 10 hours if the traffic is jammed. The cost of van is around RM 30-40 for each passengers, which is way more cheaper than taking a plane. Yun nga lang sayang ang oras mo. You can book a ride bus or van or car through Medyo ingat nga lang and make sure you call the numbers provided first to avoid unwanted incidents (Read: Caught up in big trouble).


The driver must make you fill out an immigration form. It's an arrival and departure card that looks like what's on the photo above. It will be checked by the immigration officer before you can cross the border.

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It's easy to cross Malaysian border if you're coming out of Malaysia. (OF COURSE HAHAHA!) Not so many questions were asked. They just marked our passports and we're good to go. When we reached Thailand border, we've noticed the sudden change of smell. I don't know if there's some explanation but naaaaahhhh... I don't mind knowing haha! The immigration officer asked several questions to my sister who currently works in Malaysia. After 30 minutes, they let her passed. My mom was really nervous that I can't describe how she looks like. It was just plain funny and nerve wracking at the same time. Well, it's funny because mom was trying to make us calm but she's the one who looks like in trouble.

Hat Yai looks like Divisoria

If there's one thing I can compare Hat Yai to Philippines, it's Divisoria. Yes, our beloved Divisoria where all things are absolutely can be made available. LOL!

The moment I saw their night market I clearly stated that I'm just in Divisoria. Well, a wider one maybe. The street foods, the people, the environment looks, smells, and feels like I'm in the Philippines, except of course (bragging), our street foods are more delicious (well maybe to me only). Hat Yai street foods are full of colors. They look good and taste eccentric.

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That night our plan was to buy some food, but we end up partying to some Thai Music.

We'll see much of Hat Yai in the morning on my next post.



Lactobacillus it is! Yakult nila! Large version! Make sure you froze it para di masyado matapang.

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