Horoscope in the year of kakemehan


While strolling aroung Bugis to find something new and interesting about Singapore, I noticed this flock of people looking at some kind of billboard. I expect it to be something like a promotion from a nearby mall, you know some sort of marketing thingy. As curious as I am, I took a peek and discovered that what stood there is a giant wall of horoscope prediction for 2016.


I got interested with how people are really drawn into this. From what I know, horoscope readings are guides that were gathered from celestial maps. Yep, from the stars and everything lies beyond there. Whatever iz there!

Horoscope in the year of kakemehan

Since I was born in the year of the horse, I tried to read out what's written for me. I guess I'm not lucky for this year.

Horoscope in the year of kakemehan

Suddenly it hits me bad - knowing that I'll never get any fortune if my birthday is not an auspicious date for this year made me feel miserable. I just quit my job to have that mid life venture and this made me feel weak. I thought about it for one night, parang tanga diba? I was thinking whether I should believe in it or not especially nowadays that the world is full of kakemehan - mga ka-echosang strategy para bumili ka ng mga anti malas at kung ano-ano pa. I tried not to believe but it really bothered me, not until something happened.

Horoscope in the year of kakemehan

I almost got lost somewhere because I neglected to recognize the map that is posted all over the train station. If mom did not stop me from insisting to ride the certain train, we'll never get to our destination successfully.

Like the horoscope, it's a guide; it does not mean it is our future. Whether we believe it or not, it's there, but it will never determine what we're going to be. If it is to be, it is always up to us. We are the one who determines who we are in this time of kakemehan.



Didn't post the whole prediction for everyone. Don't want to make that impression. Come on!

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