Caught Up In Big Trouble Malaysia Day 4

Caught Up In Big Trouble Malaysia Day 4

Day 4, seems to be very wild. It's the day before Christmas. Everyone is rushing home for a long weekend here in Malaysia and my sister just decided to travel. I don't understand really. 

Mr. Grab Car


We booked a car from Shah Alam to Puduraya Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur to avoid some hassle. Our driver was surprised why we need to go this far just to ride a bus to Penang when there's a bus station nearby in Klang. We said we're first timers here in Malaysia and we don't know that much. He  then toured us on our way to KL. He will really be a good tour guide if he chooses that career. LOL! According to him, he loves driving. Aside from having his own time, he met new people and learn from them as well. Inspiring!

During our travel, I noticed that most of the structures in Malaysia are well adjusted with nature. Trees are everywhere and people doesn't seem to have any problem with its maintenance. Their new railway construction is being build high up on the ground for like 30-40 feet. I can imagine how beautiful the view up there as it is surrounded by trees. 

Inner parts of the old KL looks like Quiapo - a well organized Quaipo. 

The Puduraya Bus Terminal and fault

We arrived exactly an hour before our bus departure. The horror of this trip started when the security guard from Puduruya told us that there are no more bus from Penang that are coming to the terminal. It suddenly answered all our questions why we cannot find window 3 and why the place seems to be a big empty parking lot. The Puduruya Bus Terminal was already closed 1 month ago. 

It is clearly stated on our booking ticket though that our departure will be in Pudu Sentral which is also known as Puduraya Bus Terminal.


The Best Uber Driver 

30 minutes before our departure time we are able to booked Mr. Ganaseygaran. This dude helped us go to TBS or Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. According to him, this is now the sentral bus station in KL. Meaning, we wasted our time trying to contact the number which is written on our easybook ticket. No one picked up the phone on their end. Mr. Ganaseygaran told us that if we are new in Malaysia, all we need to do is call the number 103 which is their national directory. 

He is such a blessing. He explained to us almost everything that we need to do in order to get a new ticket. He even chased a running City Express bus to confirm to the driver if the process he told us was correct. 

The Irate Bus Conductor

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We arrived at TBS 15 minutes late. We looked for City Express windows and explained the problem that caused us. They made us print our online tickets so they can re-schedule us at 4:30 pm. They said it's the earliest so we did what was told. They handed us our new tickets, but it is for a 5:30 pm schedule. We compromised and was told that it is ok. We can still ride the 4:30 pm bus, but we didn't. The bus conductor told us to wait for the 5:30 pm bus. We said we're going to complain because we already missed a lot from our scheduled plan. No one was listening until we saw the bus conductor from the counter who told us it is ok to ride the 4:30 pm bus.

The guy looks so pissed with us and starting speaking Malay. He then pointed out to my mom that it's our fault since we arrived late. He keeps on speaking Malay which we don't understand. I already told my mom to stop arguing because he won't listen and he keeps on speaking Malay. The guy then shouted at us. 

Watch this video below:

It then get even worse

We're able to ride the bus after some people witnessed the rude behavior of the bus conductor. I don't really know how, but we're on the bus 15 minutes later and travelling to Penang. 

We sat inside a 2 floor bus for 7 hours with 2 stop overs. Yeah, that's how we welcomed Christmas in 2015. Very 2015 huh? We don't have any idea how we can get to our hotel upon our arrival at the Penang Butterworth Bus station. Mom was really tired and decided to just book any hotel nearby. That didn't happen. We managed to ride a ferry which was never in a plan.

Caught Up In Big Trouble Malaysia Day 4

Thanks to this 2 individuals who made us feel it is safe to travel using the ferry at 1:00 in the morning. They said it's the cheapest and our last chance to reach Georgetown Penang since we cannot use grab or uber.

Caught Up In Big Trouble Malaysia Day 4
Excuse my chubbiness
We reached Georgetown Penang after 15 minutes, booked an Uber car headed to our hotel. When we arrived, we're informed that there's only 1 bed left.

... to be continued



Always bring a second you. LOL!

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