Why Miss Colombia doesn't deserve the title #MissUniverse2015?

Photo by John Locher

We all know what happened to #MissUniverse2015 and we are all sorry for the girls ,but yes! You've read the title right. This is a tremendously biased post, so walk away if you don't want to get hurt. This contains some of the nastiest feeds found online on why Miss Colombia doesn't deserve that crown.

1. She should have answered the final question with a bang!

Why Miss Colombia doesn't deserve the title #MissUniverse2015?

2. She should have loved her translator

On an article posted by www.Philstar.com: Miss Universe judge to Miss Colombia: You’re not Miss Universe


3. She should have transferred the crown ASAP!

MUST WATCH: haha ayaw talaga ibigay ni Miss Colombia ang korona kay Pia!An MUO Staff asking Miss Universe 2015 1st...
Posted by Peter Paul Vizcaya on Tuesday, 22 December 2015

As in as soon as possible without any hesitations like a mature woman

Coming from 1st runner up of Miss Bangladesh USA 2015 patent, didn't win the main title but I did win for Miss...
Posted by Nazida Syed on Sunday, 20 December 2015

4. Besides, the teleprompter already told her to -_-

5. She's surrounded with not so good friends

What yah think of this video?Miss Universe Philippines 2015 Pia approached Miss Columbia 2015 to empathize but the...

6. She's not the judges bet

7. It's not her name nor her country's name on the card

Why Miss Colombia doesn't deserve the title #MissUniverse2015?

8. And finally, she doesn't deserve the title because after all the proofs raised, most of her fans still cannot accept their defeat. Including maybe, Miss Germany? LOL!

Miss Colombia doesn't deserve to be this humiliated, but I guess her fans asked for it. Their rants made it bigger. Why can't they just move on? Let it go and accept the fact that it's the Philippines time to reign the world...the Universe rather.

Why Miss Colombia doesn't deserve the title #MissUniverse2015?



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