#StarWarsTheForceAwakens Spoiler Free Review


Alright,  I’ll try my best to keep this post as neat as I can be, but if you are a fan, I must tell you that this continuation is a MUST see! It is very nostalgic as J.J. Abrams created #StarWarsTheForceAwakens like an old-fashioned movie full of celebrated iconic images from the original trilogy.

The story happened 30 years after the the Battle of Endor in the 1983 Star Wars the return of Jedi. A new army of Stormtroopers emerged commanded by Kylo Ren with a mission that threatens most life forms in the galaxy. WOW! Really trying my best here….

For almost three hours I enjoyed how old and young audiences react to the film. It’s almost impossible not to hear applause from the crowd (mostly adult fans. Lol!) every time they see an old character or icon re-appear.  The plot left me with lots of questions, but how it was executed was well done it will just leave you excited for the next scenes. The humor in the script created that old feeling of the comedy experienced with the original trilogy. I loved how they merged the original characters with the new ones. It created a strong bind of story that makes the best aspect of the original trilogy back. 

I also need to mention Gateway’s Dolby Atmos Cinema who made this screening possible. The audio was perfectly delivered in a 360 degree platform which will really get you in the zone while watching. Unlike other movie theaters, I must say that Gateway’s Dolby Atmos Cinema creates powerful and moving audio that will be a delight for every moviegoers out there.

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If you're a Star Wars newbie and got interested with watching the whole saga after seeing #TheForceAwakens, I suggest you watch it in this order:

Episode IV, V, I, II, III, and VI.



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