Petronas Twin Tower Trip Malaysia Day 3

Petronas Twin Tower Trip Malaysia Day 3

My 3rd day here in Malaysia started bad. I feel very sick. My sore throat is trying to kill me. Since we've nothing in plan I decided to just cook my own breakfast (they have it without me so I don't have any choice) and laundry my clothes.

While figuring out how the washing machine works I heard someone greeting me good morning.

Mrs Swong

She said I can call her Mrs Swong. She lives right next our back door and she's a buddhist. We had lots of conversation about Setia City Mall, Malaysian Culture, and religion. According to her my experience on Day 1 about the locals who don't speak english is impossible. Most locals speaks and understand english. She bet those I spoke with are either foreigners from Bangladesh or Nepal. She said they have lots of workers from different countries and if I can't distinguish them physically, I just need to listen.

The sticky feeling 

My conversation with Mrs Swong ended when I told her that I need to go back with my laundry. The weather makes me feel so sick. It's hot and sticky that I had to bath 3x just to feel ok.

After my chores I sleep all day and awaken by mom to cook dinner.

I thought this long day will end up nothing. Surprisingly, my sister decided to tour us around Kuala Lumpur.

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Walang pakialaman sa amoy!!! I like their LRT huh! Mabilis, malamig, at maganda ang lift. Yun lang ano iba talaga ang ibang amoy. Makasalanan. #JOTG


We headed first to Petaling Jaya for my sister's intro to diving class at Sea Monkey.  After that we ride their LRT station that looks very similar to our railway stations in the Philippines. The only difference is, it's much more organized, they don't have escalators, but they do have FUNCTIONAL elevators. I find it also cute that they grow up plant boxes outside the railways, as it's very pleasing to the eyes.

From Petaling Jaya to KLCC (where Petronas is) you only need to spend 10 RM one way. We grab a car on our way home because we're all tired and famished.

Tired of reading? Let this video summarize it for you

The Magic of Petronas

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On our way to the tower, my sister suddenly started looking for ATM's. I told her that she should have done it earlier. Me and my mom started to get really tired when she suddenly tells us "You know, where we are right now?", nobody answered her. "Where inside petronas!" Slowly, we walked our way out of the building and was really amazed with the beautiful structure.

I almost forgot the heavy bag I'm carrying. It's as if fireworks display suddenly appears up in the air. This iconic tower proved it's worth for all the time we spent travelling.

This trip concludes the beginning of my freaking adventures outside PH and my fucking comfort zone.



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