Short trip to Setia City Mall in Shah Alam, Selangor Malaysia Day 2

It's my second day here in Malaysia and mom keeps on cleaning all things she can see in our room. It's as if she owns the house. Hahaha! I woke up forcing her to stop watering our neighbors plants because they may find us intruding with their property. She just giggle. 

Dech (my sister), is still at work. She'll be on leave on the 24th of December so this left us nothing, but to wait. Waiting is not my thing so I volunteered with the grocery. Unfortunately, as much as I want to be left alone, my mom with annoying velma accompanied me to the nearest mall. 

The walk

According to google maps, it will be a 30 minutes walk from our location, but with them it took us an hour. We went out at exactly 3pm expecting that the sun will set soon,but damn it didn't! Their 3pm feels like 12nn in Manila. 

On our way to Setia City Mall I noticed a lot of constructions in the area. The firm clearly destroyed what seems to be mountain like structure to build houses on it. It's really a sad view.  

Setia City Mall

After the exhausting walk we finally reached the mall. I was advised by the security guard that taking videos inside the mall is prohibited so yeah...whatever. 

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We headed directly to their food court with the belief that most authentic dishes are there. Tipid pa kasi I only have 200 RM in my pocket.We're trying to look for something different yet we didn't find any so we just eat whatever we can order. 

Nothing really feels new about this mall so let's move on. 

Frustrated Shopper 

To be honest, sumakit talaga ulo ko. We spent an hour looking for my desired ingredients or atleast man lang similar pero it's really hard to determine. They don't have pork so I opted to buy beef and lamb since I don't eat chicken. In their fruits and vegetable section you'll notice lots of dried goods. Pati yung mukhang Pechay nila na gulay may dried version. Tofu here comes in many sizes and mushrooms are very abundant. Sorry I wasn't able to take that much photos. In the zone masyado sa pamimili. Hahaha! 

The Crows

On our way home, we've noticed a bunch of huge crows hanging by a tree. Tropa tropa ata sila dito eh but I think the smaller ones are just glossy starlings. They made our journey pretty interesting and a bit scary when 5 of them started following us. 

Check out video below about this short trip. 



Jacuzzi is not FUN!!! 

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