Know your Vitality Age now!

11/07/2015 Japhet 0 Comments

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2 weeks ago, I attended an event about the launching of Philam Life's new insurance plan here in the Philippines that focus on health and wellness. It is basically a program where members get rewards by simply taking care of their health. YES! You've read it right! Aside from the fact of getting fit and yummy in the eyes of everyone, their members also gets to enjoy the perks of discounted (sometimes free) goods and services from partner establishments. 

Before you make suspicions, let's get to know what our vitality age got to do with our whole being so we understand why I sound like I'm offering you an insurance.
According to the internet (yeah! what else?) Our vitality age is a measure of how healthy we are relative to our actual age. Meaning, it determines how old we are based on how we react on our everyday activities (stress, nutrition, exercise). Oh yeah! So what is the importance of knowing it? It's like seeing how many years you can still walk the earth and taking charge of your future before celestial being decides for you. In other words, it's like you've found the path to the fountain of youth. Hahaha! 

Now where can we take this online assessment? Click this link

Not confident enough to take the test? Watch me do it here:

Once you know your vitality age, you decide! Take control of your well being. Whether you improve your health and enjoy the rewards of being healthy, it is up to you. 

For more information about this wellness program, you may visit You may also email, or call 528-2000.