HOORAY!!! My Weebly Portfolio is Up!


I've been wanting to be a web designer when I was studying back in college, but I can't find enough resources to step on that goal. When I graduated and able to afford my own laptop and pay my internet bills, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I don't have the time. I feel like HTML and coding (whatever) needs intensive focus and concentration to understand. Luckily, I get to discover Weebly.com. 
 Weebly.com is a platform that helps individuals create their own websites,blog, or online stores. It is too user friendly not to understand. It's like you're drawing your dream website into a reality.


The Elements that will be the content of your site can be easily drag and edit on their build page. Different themes are also available which I found very simple and slick. 

Business minded peeps will also love this as forms and store pages which are integral elements to boost sales are available and can be easily customize.   

Visit weebly.com now and create your own website! Also, don't forget to visit my portfolio at www.juanhapito.weebly.com.



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