Don Bosco GROHE Dual Tech Building: Plumbing to the next level

10/24/2015 Japhet 10 Comments


It's quite unusual to hear a corporate social responsibility project as beneficial as what GROHE (a water filling manufacturer) did here in the Philippines.
Earlier today, amidst the AlDub fever was the inauguration of Don Bosco GROHE Dual Tech building in Tondo Manila. This will serve as training facilities to enhance professionalism of our local plumbing trade.

The project offers programmes for socially disadvantaged youths that comprises plumbing courses, apprenticeship, and internship to GROHE's partner companies. Aside from this, they also have short term training courses for interested individuals.

According to Don Bosco representatives, the Philippines is the 2nd country (1st is India) in the world to have GROHE Dual Tech aid project. The training facility can be found in Don Bosco Tondo Manila and is now open for qualified or interested individuals.

Meanwhile, here's our unprepared pak tsak groupie:

Don Bosco Dual Tech


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