Tutuban Night Market Fashion Challenge Experience

Tutuban Night Market Fashion Challenge

Truth be told. Haggling is a Filipino culture. A fact we can never deny. Who doesn't want cheaper goods anyway? That "tawad naman diyan suki" line has been circulating through our veins for centuries now. Translated in many form and style. It's a mark we Filipinos are known for. I myself can attest to that. LOL! 

One of the places in the Metro where one can test their bargaining skills is in Divisoria. It's basically the home for cheap but class A products. Now that Ber month has begun, shopping hours are now extended. Meaning, every one can haggle till they drop. Yay!

Cutting to the chase, earlier this week, we were invited to test that skills through a Fashion Challenge. Provided with 1,000 Php and 30 minutes time, we should be able to style our models with products purchased from the Night Market stalls of Tutuban Shopping Center.

The style was basically a collaboration between me and my model Christopher Gabriel. Believe it or not, we got his V Neck shirt for 100 Php and that digital watch from 80Php to 70 Php. You may buy that eyeglasses on his shirt for 50 Php, It's made out of plastic but, well if you just need it for styling why not? The jogger pants, if I am not mistaken, from 550php we are able to get it for 450php. Lastly, that maong polo hanging on his hips is yours for 330Php. 

If you are up for this kind of challenge, you may also visit Tutuban Shopping Center in Divisoria. Their mall hours will be extended until 9PM soon while their Night Market is open until midnight.

You may also check ate tindera who almost beat my model on this photo. 


For more information about Tutuban Night Market, you may visit their fb page here:

To see more of Christopher Gabriels photo, please visit my tumblr account (High Res Photos) and Facebook Fanpage.



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