Youtube #ProudtoLove is indeed LOVE!!!

6/28/2015 Japhet 0 Comments

Above all else, LOVE. I hope we don't forget that the purpose of this celebration is the right for equality.

Let's take away our angst, judgments, and disapproval, and for a while appreciate love.

We all have been waiting for times like this, where there are no lives matter less. The gay community has been a minority voice for a very long time and it is very empowering that just like everyone else, we now have the right for the US.

For the Philippines, I guess this may take lots and lots of time to be considered. Our country is now facing a tremendous amount of issues that needs action than negotiation of those sitting on our higher chair. Our country needs us to be a leader of our own actions, not a hand pointing chief that will play the blame game of politics.

#JOTG #ProudtoLove


Mangyan Made Handicrafts

6/24/2015 Japhet 0 Comments

Earlier today I went to Glorietta 3 Ayala for a doctors check up. The clinic where my health card is accepted is situated inside the mall. Truth be told, I hate malls. I feel like they are the roots for the city's decay and the home for a generation who doesn't care. Ok, too much for this.