Our Primal Ape Crossfit BootCamp Experience

I always fear going to the Gym because of my body. I get easily intimidated so I always sort out for alternatives to be in shape. One day, I saw a friend on facebook who drastically loss weight in a little span of time. He said he's been doing Crossfit.


Crossfit is about functional fitness. It is basically a workout designed to prepare our body in accomplishing things that we usually do everyday. Just by watching the people inside Primal Ape I can say that Crossfit is really a stamina builder workout MAMA. 


One of my bosses told me that he signed up for a free trial from Primal Ape. I saw that as an opportunity to have company so I joined. He also invited Jill (one of my colleagues, the active girl in the video) and some of our office-mates who happened to decline the offer hahaha.


Primal Ape is located in Makati, Chino Roces Avenue just beside King's Court. You can easily find it as they have these really huge banners outside. The place is like a huge box full of equipment for training. If you are a workout fanatic, this would be a huge playground. Oh and did I mention, they've got nice comfort rooms. 


Once there, you will need to sign a waiver and wait for the coach to call everyone's attention. They really start on time so I suggest you be there at least 30 minutes before. You can also make chikka while waiting, they are really friendly. (not sure if this makes sense)


Since we're beginners, we were told to join the Bootcamp. It's like the foundation for Crossfit, no heavy lifting, just pure body toning workouts. What I like about the program is that you workout as a team. Although, you went there individually, you can easily get along with other people because you don't have a choice but to exercise with them. Bwahaha! Atleast you get to win a friend right?


To get to know more about Primal Ape's Program and Rates, you can always visit their website:


You may also check them on Facebook:



Update: Our physical body died! Cheret!


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