The Girl Who Shaved Her Hair

I fancy people who dares to beat the norms.

Recently, I met ate Che-che. She's one of those great people who maintain cleanliness in our office. Ever since I landed my job on that place, I knew that there will be lots of undiscovered giants hidden in each of their every position labels.

One day, ate Che-che shaved her hair and post it on Facebook. Her main reason is that she doesn't have anything to do in the thick of the raging summer heat. 


She received lots of comments asking "What Happened?", "does she have any problems?", saying that she might have inhaled some drugs and unusual stuff, words that compromises ones creativity. 

Yeah, hair is everyone's crowning glory, but each of us has our own perspective of beauty. Never question ones perspective of beauty in order for you to be beautiful. Appreciation is better than criticisms. I think we should learn to always find something beautiful in every person/works and encourage them to improve it and make it extraordinary. There is a huge line between constructive criticism and criticism. 

This post is not against anyone. I am just proud that amidst all these man-made standards, her soul stands out and show others that "she can" do something that most people cannot.

All her photos are uploaded on my tumblr page: 

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