How to eat Singaporean food, The Pinoy Way: My Way! (Conquering My Singapore Food Street)

#JOTG: Conquered My Singapore Food Street
Kim Jong-Un in My Singapore Food Street! Nah! That's me!

Not everyone of us has been to Singapore. Our most common reason would be the expensive trip. Little did we know, that in the heart of the Metro we can find a simple and humble place called My Singapore Food Street. A place that will make you taste the very authentic flavors of world's instant Asia: Singapore.

Singapore, just like the Philippines is known to be a melting pot of Asian culture. It has variety of traditions that are being followed, but governed by one dominant civilization. Despite diversity, Singapore has  its own distinctive taste in Asia's food industry, that "I",YES! The mighty me discovered earlier today.

FOOD!!! FOOD!!! and lot's of food!

Disclaimer: I have never been to Singapore nor tasted their foods, but I rest assure you that I have keen taste buds that would identify what's hot and what's not. The following notes may guide you on how to eat food in a Singaporean Restaurant, the Filipino style, of course, it means my style.   Yebah! 

Let's start with my Favorite "Laksa Noodle Soup" baybeh. It's a Singaporean noodle soup that #MySingaporeFoodStreet serve, whether it is hot or cold or spicy or not, depends on how you want it, they got you covered. ;) My initial thoughts upon seeing Laksa is, "Not another Ramen thingy", but the moment I sip the soup, I don't like Ramen anymore. LOL! Ang Sarap! Its creaminess will never get you tired of eating it. Alam mo yung feeling UMAY? Walang ganun kay Laksa!



Since #MySingaporeFoodStreet is literally "my" Singapore, and we Pinoys have this thing for customizing meals, I did what must be done. I played with their dishes and experiment.

Every spoon I took I topped it with Sambal sauce, the Father of all condiments, from which I created my own combos.

Sambal sauce looks like this and it is a sauce made in heaven (if you are a fan of not-so-chili sauce)


It's a spicy condiment that somehow taste like Bagoong. I like how you can mix this thing to almost all My Singapore Food Street dishes. SAMBAL sauce pa lang, ulam na! 

I also mixed it with Nasigoreng, their own brand of Sinangag. I have to mention that their rice (Hainanese Rice and Nasigoreng) smells so good because of the aroma from fresh herbs (Ginger, Lemon Grass, and Pandan). I saw how they cooked it, wag kayong ano. 

#JOTG #mysingaporefoodstreet

Sambal sauce is also best with Black Pepper Beef. It is so fun we are able to experience how to cooked our meal. You can check out my 45 seconds video above to see our delightful adventure inside their kitchen.

#JOTG #mysingaporefoodstreet

My next favorite combo, is Char Kwey Teow mixed with Satay's peanut sauce. It taste like my comfort food Lumpiang Sariwa. Grabe!!! Imagine? This is my first visit and already had my favorite Combo's.

Let me familiarize you with the dishes I just mentioned. Char Kwey Teow (Nautal-utal ako sa pag-pronounce) is a stir fried noodles that we can basically compare to Pad Thai.  

Char Kwey Teow top with Satay's peanut sauce. Excuse my plating. I'm busy eating. Hahaha!
I never thought that mixing it with Satay's (a barbecue like meal with a authentic curry taste) peanut sauce would taste like our Lumpiang Sariwa, even better. #ONGSOYO!!!

#JOTG #mysingaporefoodstreet

#JOTG #mysingaporefoodstreet
Now, how to eat the following foods depends on your appetite. Don't tell me you've read this post so I can teach you how to eat! No! Eating in my Singapore food street can be very fun and exciting if you follow your own taste buds and play around their dishes.

Ah Eh moments

By reading my post we can understand that their meals are not really far from our own delicacies taste. What makes it distinct is its serving. My Singapore Food Street, serves surely fresh materials that was cooked in a holistic approach. I experienced and witnessed it my own eyes, so I know.

I always believe that good foods like this must be appreciated and enjoyed by the youths of today. You know its good food when it's served Fast, Fresh, and Healthy. You can always noticed it with the look of your meal and how you feel after eating it.

Food is about satisfying all our senses. It's not about just eating for the sake of being full. We should eat food that was prepared with love and by the people who cares for people.


I had so much fun meeting Miss Vivien Tan (Restaurateur). She's not just beautiful, she is also a good person. I can judge it by how she speaks to us like a true human being. LOL! Human, because it is pretty hard to meet someone who speaks for her self as who she is and what she stands for, especially these days. :)

I like this Walis Ting-Ting thing that they use to clean the pan every after cook-off like cooking.

The Hainanese Chicken is one of their best sellers, but I'm not able to taste it because I no longer eat chicken due to mental problems. LOL! It's really because of that video of abuse chicken I saw. It suddenly flashes whenever I feel the taste of chicken. I think the taste is already associated with the video and it's programmed already in my head. :( #Maybesomeday #Maybe.

Thank you to Miss Vivien, Mr. Emman and Mr. Ramon for accompanying us today. I really had so much fun. 

If you want to know more about #MySingaporeFoodStreet, you can always visit them at 2nd Floor Bridgeway of SM Megamall. You can also check out their website  

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