The Girl Who Shaved Her Hair

4/17/2015 Japhet 0 Comments

I fancy people who dares to beat the norms.

Recently, I met ate Che-che. She's one of those great people who maintain cleanliness in our office. Ever since I landed my job on that place, I knew that there will be lots of undiscovered giants hidden in each of their every position labels.


How to eat Singaporean food, The Pinoy Way: My Way! (Conquering My Singapore Food Street)

4/12/2015 Japhet 0 Comments

#JOTG: Conquered My Singapore Food Street
Kim Jong-Un in My Singapore Food Street! Nah! That's me!

Not everyone of us has been to Singapore. Our most common reason would be the expensive trip. Little did we know, that in the heart of the Metro we can find a simple and humble place called My Singapore Food Street. A place that will make you taste the very authentic flavors of world's instant Asia: Singapore.